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Diversity. Advocacy. Capacity Building.  

My name is Tee Joseph (They/Them) and I am a Certified Community Health Worker. I advocate for communities that face unjust disparities around the social determinants of health. Specifically people living with disabilities, LGBTQ+, and immigrant communities. I believe that collaboration, open conversation, and true allyship (or even better accomplice-ship) are the tools for a better tomorrow for everyone. 
My name is M. Greg Green and through my work, as an author, diversity & inclusion facilitator, and transgender advocate. I aim to bridge the gap between educating our public agencies and actively improving accessibility allows for our trans and other marginalized LGBQ+ communities to access resources in an environment that is safe, affirming, and equitable.

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The power to inspire, lead, and serve with grace and humilityare markers of powerful leadership. Whether the group is many or just a few, Greg works to empower each person he encounters to stand up for what they believe in and to harness their own ability to lead.


There are not many things that can be accomplished alone. We have to remember that our collective success is rooted in our ability to see and show up for one another. Community and collective growth are at the forefront of Greg's work and teachings.


One of the best experiences we encounter is the ability to serve. As a former police officer and firefighter, Greg believes that he was born to be a soldier for change. His oath to acts of service has not waivered and stands as a pillar in his work.


Our system is inherently broken and it is not the responsibility of the communities we serve to fix it. As public servants and agencies, we are responsible for educating ourselves and shifting the culture around the LGBTQ+ communities. Greg is dedicated to education, open dialogue, and genuine system reform.


M. Greg Green is a candid and knowledgeable speaker that uses humor and real-life scenarios to connect with his clients.

He is a spiritual man that believes everyone is deserving of compassion and human kindness. That belief is what drives his "open space" style of facilitating and coaching. Connecting his experiences as a police officer with his gender transition, M.Greg Green proudly advocates for the trans-community in accessing public and government resources.

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